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This online training, is for Professional photographers who are already in activity, and also for those who are just starting, THE SHORTCUT is how to get business with just your camera, no websites, ads or complex strategy to get started. 

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Hi, my name is Kim Albarran.

Also known as the Game Changer, teacher for The Futur for Chris Do, Skylum Luminar and working on an education platform with Adobe. I’m a professional business coach for Photographers, on a mission to help them, elevate their marketing game.

I’m also the creator of GAME CHANGERS, an online community of professional photographers, aimed to help them level up their marketing skills. Currently on a mission to help them make more than a living doing what they love.

Also a Professional Photographer who is currently working for some of the top brands in Switzerland, like Gucci, Hermès, Mercedes and many others,  I want to share my knowledge to help disrupt the current tendencies of the market which due to high competition are leading to precarity.

Without having to worry about having to deal with complexes marketing strategies or funky sales funnel, our members have generated over two billion Swiss francs in sales and drastically changed  their lives.
But one thing has always bothered me…

Why are so many Portrait Photographers struggling?

While a few are very successful and own their own studio… a Swiss Study shows that only 2% of Photographers make it past the 2 years mark, yet their customer satisfaction is over 80%. Most of the photographers are stuck for weeks, months, even years, in the same place, if you too are  struggling with:

No matter what you do it’s hard to get consistent, reliable premium clients. 
Because what you were told about marketing is flawed and maybe a little outdated, when you think about it people hate being sold, that’s why we need to focus, on the same thing that the 2% of successful photographers get right all time.

The 2% top Photographers only speak with the right clients...

As entrepreneurs, it is important for us to focus most of our time, on the things that really make an impact on our business. 
And this is generally where successful photographers exceed expectations, they spend time in the presence of their clients. But not just any clients, the good clients, the ones that value what they do, and can afford to pay a premium for their services. As a result of that they get to: 

Work with premium clients, the fast way.


The shortcut is simple

If you want to start charging a premium for the work that you do, the only way and also the fastest way for you to reach it, is to shoot for high end clients, they are the ones with the budget to support their projects.
The SHORTCUT® is made to help you scale FAST, using their leverage. 
In order to get there as fast as a speed light, we will help you focusing on those 3 key elements.

Three Golden Pillars


The Premium client framework will help you finding who is your ideal match within your reach, the goal here is for you to find the high end client that will pay a premium for the service you provide.


The KEY CONNECTORS® process is designed to help you shooting your premium clients the fast way. The key here is to help you find, qualify and gain the trust of those key persons.


Our PERSON OF INTEREST® system will help you being the person to be trusted and remembered, you will learn how to create an impact on every conversation you will have.

All of this solves the #1 problem Portrait Photographers have:

Get premium Clients & build a solid Network

What can you expect from the training?

Here are the few wins you can get by taking, and implementing the program.


The program duration is 1.5 Hours. 

  • In order to get the results we recommend all our candidates to invest at least 3 hours per week, during 3 months. 

Much faster than you think. 

But the real answer is: it depends on how much time you want to invest in it. 

Regardless of where you are now, you’ll see exactly what steps to take to get to the next growth stage in your business in a surprisingly short timeframe.

But usually If you follow the program to the letter, and implement it, you will get result in 1 to 3 months. 

None, just how to use your camera. 


We’ve field-tested everything multiple times, for multiple industries.

Absolutely! But just for a limited time. The plan is to help you getting your first quick wins, and when you do, we hope you will think about us for the next steps. 

Latest testimonials

Kim helped me understanding the importance of a good market positioning, I'm clearer on the next directions to take in order to attain my goals.
Kim was very inspiring, he gave me the structure, and some very precious insights I needed to push forward to my goal. I have a clearer understanding on how to set apart from the competitors.
Kim was energising, I had clear directions on the next steps to take in order to get my association to be sustainable. I'm feeling confident that I will reach my goals.

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