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Welcome it's so nice to see you!

I'm Kim Albarran, but please call me Kim...

I'm on a mission to help Professional Photographer make more than a living doing what they love.

Also known as the Game Changer, teacher for The Futur for Chris Do, Skylum Luminar and working on an education platform with Adobe. I’m a professional business coach for Photographers, on a mission to help them, elevate their marketing game. I’m also the creator of GAME CHANGERS, an online community of professional photographers, aimed to help them level up their marketing skills. Currently on a mission to help them make more than a living doing what they love. But also a Professional Photographer who is currently working for some of the top brands in Switzerland, like Gucci, Hermès, Mercedes and many others,  I want to share my knowledge to help disrupt the current tendencies of the market which due to high competition are leading to precarity. Without having to worry about having to deal with complexes marketing strategies or funky sales funnel, our members have generated over two billion Swiss francs in sales and drastically changed  their lives. But one thing has always bothered me…

Kim Albarran

The Game Changer

I'm currently Teaching in

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The futur
CHRIS DO, Pro Group

The Futur is an online education platform loaded with content, courses, and tools to help you build better design skills and better creative businesses.
I’ve been teaching the best strategies on how can a Photographer shoot their dream clients, the fast way. 


Robert Vanelli

Skylum is a software developing company based in Bellevue, Washington. It is most known for its photo editing software Aurora HDR and Luminar IA, Neo. 
I’ve been teaching what I call the No Marketing Strategy, witch is a strategy that helps scale your business without the need of any complex tech, like sales funnels or expensive advertising. 

Francesco Padovani

The Portrait School, is not your regular school, not only you will learn what it takes to make beautiful portraits, but at the same level important, you will have all the elements to make your business a successful one. We are committed to take you from Zero to Hero in just under One Week, No Skills Required!

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Here are 4 ways I can help you

The Skyrocketing Photographers Pro group, is a free community where you can learn the latest strategies to get your business to the top in no time, we meet once a week for a video call where we show you how to address your current challenges. 

Feel like you don’t know how to attract the right customers? Then this training is for you, I’ll help you getting those amazing customers by implementing the shutter speed accelerator program. You will learn the best marketing strategies.

Those downloadables, will help you increase your chances of selling your services. they have been designed specially for photographers, the goal is to help you outperform your competition. Your unfair yet legal competitive advantage. 

Feel like you are ready to do what it takes, but don’t really know where to start? Then let’s work together, I’ll help you getting those dream clients by implementing the best and most effective strategies, custom made just for you.