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Take the shortcut, more effective than:
SEO, portfolio, social media & paid ads.

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Welcome, my name is Kim Albarran

Also known as the Game Changer, I’m a professional business coach for Portrait Photographers, based in Switzerland, on a mission to help Professional Photographers,  make more a living doing what they love. 

My goal is to help you reach for your ambitions the fast way! 

As an active member and teacher of some of the top leading communities, like Chris Do’s (THE FUTUR), Skylum Luminar, and Skyrocketing photographers. 

But also a Professional Photographer who is currently working for some of the top brands in Switzerland, like Gucci, Hermès, Mercedes and many others,  I want to share my knowledge to help you disrupt competition, and charge a premium for the work you do.

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Why so many portrait photographers are struggling?

While a few are very successful and own their own studio… a Swiss Study shows that only 2% of Photographers make it past the 2 years mark, yet their customer satisfaction is over 80%. Most of the photographers are stuck for weeks, months, even years, in the same place, if you too are  struggling with:

No matter what you do it’s hard to get consistent, reliable premium clients. 
Because what you were told about marketing is flawed and maybe a little outdated, when you think about it people hate being sold, that’s why we need to focus, on the same thing that the 2% of successful photographers get right all time.

While the top 2% photographers connect with the right clients...

As entrepreneurs, it is important for us to focus most of our time, on the things that really make an impact on our business. 
And this is generally where successful photographers exceed expectations, they spend time in the presence of their clients. But not just any clients, the good clients, the ones that value what they do, and can afford to pay a premium for their services. As a result of that they get to: 

Fastest way to be in the top 2%

This is the one of the quickest ways for you to start connecting with your dream clients, you can quickly implement that method, without the need to invest any money, and it’s totally free to access for a limited time, follow down bellow. 

Start connecting

It is not a secret, highly paid Photographers are able to charge a premium for their pictures. Because they know how to connect with high end clients, I call them the Big Ones. They the ones with the most interesting projects but also the money to support it. And they will treat you with respect, because they understand that what you do is going to be valuable to them.

Charge a premium

Most of the Photographers have all the prerequisites to work for those clients, and therefore charge a premium. But one of the main problem they face, is, they don’t know how to earn the trust of the big ones, and they are spending energy, time and precious resources, where it doesn’t matters. Making pretty their portfolio, website, instagram grid, trying make paid ads… all that doesn’t matter for those kind of clients.

Take the shortcut

100% of the HIGH payed work, comes from word of mouth, and we can only get there by recommendation, by connecting with the right people and earning their trust. The good news is, none of that requires any financial investment on your side, you can earn trust without spending a cent. The shortcut® is a process designed specifically  to help you work for High paying clients with the right people and gaining their trust, you can take it for free down bellow. 

Get your free copy & training

Learn the fast and right way to connect with your dream clients, gain their trust, and charge a premium for the work that you do, by using the workbook and the video training. 

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3 other ways I can help

The Skyrocketing Photographers Pro group, is a free community where you can learn the latest strategies to get your business to the top in no time, we meet once a week for a video call where we show you how to address your current challenges. 

Those downloadables, will help you increase your chances of selling your services. they have been designed specially for photographers, the goal is to help you outperform your competition. Your unfair yet legal competitive advantage. 

Feel like you are ready to do what it takes, but don’t really know where to start? Then let’s work together, I’ll help you getting those dream clients by implementing the best and most effective strategies, custom made just for you.